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Meet Greg Loveless —

Do you need to reach a new goal? Are there changes that you need to navigate? Are you, your company, your organization or your department stuck?

For 30 years Greg has helped hundreds of athletes and teams succeed and achieve their goals even in the most demanding enviornments.

Greg's presentations deal with the intense challenges athletes face on the field of play. But beyond this, Greg's presentations also deal with every day life issues his players must overcome to reach their goals.

From the effects of a broken home, to diabetes, to disabling migraine headaches, the struggles of dealing with Lupus, chemotherapy or even the death of teammates and friends — the stories reveal the techniques Greg's players use to overcome tremendous odds and reach their goals.

Because the stories are often humorous and poignant, Greg is able to penetrate the mental defenses most audience members hold on to. This not only facilitates the audience's understanding, but the stories are so powerful and vivid that retention, and thus application, is extremely high.

Take time to visit the web site. Or for more information contact Greg at:


Visit Greg's Blog — VoiceWind!


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